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Immigration toolset and law practice management

Our tools fall under two primary categories: immigration toolset and law practice management.  [As a well-respected immigration firm, the first category should be assumed.  The second category came out of a need for better internal processes, but not related to a specific immigration process; these applications were created with immigration firms in mind. ] Within both of these categories there are two primary types of applications that Siskind Susser builds: expert systems and document automation.


ExperT Systems


Most of the immigration-based applications that will be made available in the marketplace will be eligibility advisors.  These advisors will utilize the expertise of Siskind Susser attorneys and partners - to provide users with rich content and give quick insight from the convenience of a computer.




Many of the applications Siskind Susser has successfully implemented for internal use involve document automation.  While document automation is no new technology, we believe other firms will benefit from