Immigration Toolset

The Immigration Toolset is the centerpiece of  Our very own Siskind Susser P.C. attorneys and qualified, partner attorneys write all of the expert content for  We build all our expert systems in-house to cater to client and marketplace needs.


H-1B Public Access File BUILDER

As part of its H-1B requirements, the US Department of Labor requires employers to maintain a file of information and documents at the H-1B worker's work-site or at the principle place of business (the “Public Access File” or “PAF”). The file is to be produced upon request to members of the public (including employees of your company or even a competitor) as well as the Department of Labor. The PAF must be made available within one working day of the filing of the LCA.

J-1 Physician Waiver Screening tool

This tool allows the facility/employer determine if their location qualifies them to sponsor a J-1 physician.  This is in accordance with the home residency requirement and H-1B visa sponsorship.  Currently, this application only includes logic for the Alabama state program, but all fifty states will eventually be added.  States to be added next: Arkansas, Georgia, Missouri, and Texas.